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no destination walking

Sometimes it is wonderful to just walk with no agenda whatsoever! So often life is spent trying to get somewhere but the real joy is in the getting there. Life is a journey with lots of surprises, opportunities, learning and satisfaction to be had along the way. Ghandi was once asked to give a statement about his life, to which he replied "My life is my statement" and walked on.

Without a destination we can be awake to life at every step. We can immerse ourselves in the journey and let life unfold. Being out in Nature it is the feel of the breeze, the sound of a bird, the colour of the sky, the beauty of a flower, the look of a windswept tree, the glint of a beetle, the bubbling of a brook, the marvel of a mountain view, the shape of a cloud ... which stirs us. To be fully present to all this gives us a deepfelt sense of peace and belonging, a joyful love of this extraordinary world we live in.


benefits of no-destination-walking:

You can:
  • just be !
  • follow your intuition
  • go at your pace
  • empty your mind
  • be awake to the moment
  • go where you're drawn
  • stop / rest at any point
  • watch, listen, sense
  • afford to relax ...

All in all it doesn't matter:
  • where you go
  • how far you go
  • whether you get to the top
Approaching Mountain Summit
Summit of Snowdon, Wale's Highest Mountain
View of Snowdon from NantGwynant


discovering a lake


walking with no destination


"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~ Lao Tzu