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gail's values

   I know that at the deepest level there are things which I naturally hold the most precious, the most sacred. As much as possible I bring my life into alignment with them to inform my life / my decision / my actions. They inspire, and motivate me. My mind becomes clearer, my energy flows better and I sleep better. They gladden my heart and my life feel more meaningful and worthwhile. Time wasted eats away at me, saps my energy and leaves me unfulfilled. Taking time to consciously acknowledge what is most important and taking steps to bring life into better alignment brings joy, satisfaction, lightness, and harmony.

Here are the things I most value:
  • Sacredness of all Living Things
  • Wonder of Nature
  • Non Harming
  • Wilderness
  • Freedom
  • Beauty
  • Time
  • Hope
  • Energy
  • Balance
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Sustainability
  • Fulfilling Potential
  • Showing Gifts & Talents
  • Giving Value
  • Dignity
  • Space
  • Sun
Approaching Mountain Summit
Summit of Snowdon, Wale's Highest Mountain
View of Snowdon from NantGwynant
   Arenig Lake


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