mindfulness & walking

   Mindfulness is being attentive, watchful of all that is, moment to moment. It is bringing a full and conscious awareness to all that we do. While mindfully walking we feel our feet touching the ground, the motion of our bodies, the air on our skin; we hear the cry of a bird, the rustling of trees; we see a moving scene unfold before us, we notice special things which would have passed us by... By simply being in this present moment we can open to the wonder of this extraordinary world. Mindful walking allows us to:
  • Become alert and attentive
  • Notice new things
  • Hone our senses
  • Feel Lighter
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Leave out troubles behind
  • Be available for new experiences
Approaching Mountain Summit
Summit of Snowdon, Wale's Highest Mountain
View of Snowdon from NantGwynant
   Arenig Lake


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