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low carbon footprint

In the current climate, there is a growing awareness of our impact to nature and the beautiful world we live in. In response, many of us are beginning to question our comsumeristic and wastefulness and living habits and opt for real 'green' sustainable alternatives.

Gail is very keen to live life with as little impact/cost to the environment as possible. She is able to travel to several of the walks either by train, bus or even bicycle! This is very satisfying and fulfilling for several reasons:
  • low carbon footprint
  • car is left at home
  • utilise public transport
  • can sit back & enjoy the scenery
  • don't have to concentrate
  • avoid hassle of parking
  • no parking charges
  • pay transport system instead
  • no worries of safety of vehicle
  • carry everything with you
  • sets a time to get going
  • structure to the day given
  • avoid concentration for driving
  • opportunities for plans can be fun
  • one-way journeys possible...
  • go under your own steam
  • bicycling & walking
Approaching Mountain Summit
Summit of Snowdon, Wale's Highest Mountain
View of Snowdon from NantGwynant

The one-way journey opportunity is a fantastic thing. In this way Gail can walk a fabulous route up Snowdon starting at Pen y Pass, where it is normally a nightmare to park, and then descend down a different face down to another valley. She can walk from her house, leaving at 8:00, catch a train, then a bus, set off walking up Snowdon by 9:40 up one fabulous track, walk down along and down a stunning ridge, catch another bus, then a train, and a final walk to her house, to be home by 18:45 !


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